ABM  Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing isn't really about marketing at all. It's about aligning sales and marketing to connect with select, targeted companies that if they knew you existed, and how you could help them, would become your customers.

Beating down the doors of that right-fit company isn't like it used to be. You can't knock on the door and find the decision-maker and take them to lunch anymore. That approach died long ago. Companies buy what you have to sell in teams, and these teams are becoming harder and harder to identify and get to.

That's why you have to take a long-term, multi-channel approach. Producing content to influence and activate targeted accounts is the easy part. The hard part is getting the right people in an organization to engage with that content, as an integrated part of a sales cadence. 

You need ABM, orchestrated by HubSpot!


Identify Target Accounts

  • Lookalikes to existing customers
  • Industry Gorillas
  • Firmographics - Technographics
  • Rank by Intent if many
  • In market for your solution using intent data

Identify Buying Group Titles & Roles

  • Source Contacts
  • Activate Organic Social

Understand Intent Data

  • What intent data is available for your solution
  • What Top of Funnel, Middle and Bottom of Funnel Intent signals will work best for you
  • Where to apply insights, account selection or prioritization

Automate Sales Outreach

  • AI Insights
  • Playbooks
  • Sequences
  • Automate Dialing & Social Outreach
  • Behavioral Response

Activate Air Cover

  • Target buying groups with open-web advertising
  • Onboard lists to social networks for one-to-one advertising
  • Identify & Monitor high-intent accounts activate and ABM retargeting


Monitor & Adjust

  • Leverage Campaign Analytics
  • Dashboards
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