ABM  Account-Based RevOps

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a go-to-market strategy where you align your sales and marketing efforts targeting specific named accounts.

There are bespoke tools for ABM of course that provide solutions for some of the marketing side of ABM such as account identification, contact enrichment, email sequences, and account-based advertising. These tools come with enterprise price-points and having a part of your marketing happening off to the side of your CRM makes alignment between marketing and sales, which is essential to cracking high-value accounts, challenging to say the least.

The good news is that HubSpot provides some of the functionality of these ABM tools natively, so why pay twice for something you already have? And for the rest of the functionality of these expensive ABM tools, with a few connected apps, you can build an account-based capability every bit as powerful and in fact, open up marketing channels that aren't available in ABM-only software. This affordable stack brings what used to be called ABM into the reach of smaller businesses and adds affordability and agility and can put the control of your account-based activities in one place.

We say 'used to be called ABM', because having your account-based activities orchestrated from within your CRM brings an immediate improvement in sales and marketing alignment around key accounts which is great, but it also brings to bear the power of account-based activities across the entire customer lifecycle, not just new business.

This means that we're now talking about Account-Based RevOps, that is, having the ability to co-sell and market net new prospects as well as existing, and even former, customers.

We call this Account-Based RevOps Orchestrated by HubSpot.

You can open up all of these channels of communication from within your HubSpot instance:





eMail (Direct)






eMail Lists (Opted-in)

HubSpot One-to-One Advertising Open-web


HubSpot One-to-One Advertising Social

eMail Lists (Sourced & Opted-in)

BrandGen One-to-One Advertising Open-web


BrandGen One-to-One Advertising Video


BrandGen One-to-One Advertising Connected TV (Beta)


Organic Social Posts


Social Messaging



HubSpot LinkedIn Advertising

Social Advertising

BrandGen Buyer Group Advertising

Open-web by Role


Open-web Contextual


Open-web Video


Connected TV (Beta)



HubSpot Retargeting

HubSpot Open-web Retargeting


HubSpot Social Retargeting

BrandGen Retargeting

ABM Retargeting


Connected TV Retargeting (Beta)


We're adept at bringing HubSpot tools such as the Target Accounts, Advertising and of course Lists, Workflows, and Reports to organize and orchestrate your ABR activities as well as bringing in contacts sourcing tools like Apollo.io, Seamless.ai, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator and as advertising tools like BrandGen.io to activate multi-channel ABR.


AMPED's methodology to get to effective ABR looks like this:

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 9.56.58 AM
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