Inbound Marketing

Where is your company when decision-makers for technical products are looking for your solution?

Inbound Marketing is B2B content marketing best practices. That means that you are taking the time to understand your future customer's buyer's journey, including their search behavior.

With the right foundational strategy and tools, you can define a data-driven strategy that will place your company at the important points as your future customer is learning about things related to what you do. This includes primary and long-tail searches and directory listings that will direct their journey your way. 

When they find you, you'll inspire them to engage more deeply so that you're engrained in their journey. You can expand your reach to the buyer's group through ABM strategies to improve closure rates and compress timelines.


Develop Buyer Personas

  • Build consensus with the world's best B2B buyer persona template and workshop you and your team will gather everything that you need to activate all of your B2B marketing strategies and have it in one place
  • Data-driven SEO planning
  • Move away from 'random acts of content' to producing content with specific business goals

Content Planning

  • Plan your content for long-tail and must-win search-friendly, educational content
  • Optimize conversion rates from visitors to contacts with proper strategy & planning
  • Develop long-term automated nurturing strategies that map to long sales cycles
  • Monitor & optimize

Content Development

  • Gain a partner that can augment your content development capacity
  • Engage SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) where available or leverage our expertise to augment your own
  • Ensure technical SEO parameters are in place to produce the most value from your efforts

Activate Content Promotion

  • Re-purpose content through organic social, content syndication, direct mail and other channels when appropriate
  • Activate ABM strategies to increase the value of your content to drive sales at targeted, high-value accounts

Measure Results

  • Watch visitor traffic build and make sure that visitors align with your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) as defined by your buyer personas
  • Monitor conversion rates and optimize
  • Monitor engagement rates and optimize


Strategic Planning Reviews

  • Review your planning at a strategic level to ensure alignment with leadership goals
  • Review progress with your sales & marketing teams to ensure ongoing alignment
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