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One Thing I Hear Consistently Misrepresented about how HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Works

  • November 27 2015
  • Galen Dow
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And I think it’s one of the most vital things to understand as you move forward with the platform.

Even with seasoned Inbound Marketing practitioners, I often hear ‘…and then someone converts on an offer and HubSpot drops a cookie on their computer’.


HubSpot drops a cookie on first visit, and then tracks all activity from that device every time it returns. When someone converts from that device, then HubSpot associates all of that past activity with the contact record, using the email address as the primary identifier of that record.

Within the HubSpot platform, currently anonymous visitors can be found as ‘Prospects’.

Why is this important? For a whole host of reasons.

The lead scoring algorithm that you set up within HubSpot that enables you to score Digital Body Language and promote leads to MQL’s relies on having access to the entire body of behaviors with your content. Tracking data from first visit enables you over time to do Predictive Marketing, which among other things enables you to put a value on the activity up and down your funnel.

When leads are promoted, your Inside Sales reps get detailed visibility of the content stream consumed by the lead from the very first visit. This enables reps to more quickly support a lead on their educational journey and get them on a solid path to qualification and possibly a relationship. This increases closure rates and can accelerate deal flow.

Most importantly I think, is that as we blend Inbound and Outbound strategies, your marketing investment can increase significantly. Tracking activity from first visit let’s you build attribution models and systems that can help you to shrewdly allocate your investments for the highest ROI.

We definitely recommend you investigating your Prospects within HubSpot, there are a ton of insights to be found by looking at behaviors of visitors before and after they convert to contacts and leads.

Tracking visitor behavior enables you to identify earlier who really loves you…

your brand, what you are saying, how your are trying to help people and most importantly, what pain someone is trying to make go away.

 Let’s talk about lead scoring!

It’s super fun and enlightening for most B2B marketers. It’s also the first step in stopping the pain that almost always exists in the Marketing to Sales relationship. 

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