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B2B Growth Marketing

Inbound Marketing Strategy -  Foundational Planning

  • January 23 2023
  • Galen Dow
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Inbound Marketing is B2B Content Marketing Best Practices.

The advantages of a well-executed Inbound Marketing Strategy are:

  • A steady supply of leads that are ready to engage with sales
  • It's the only marketing that you 'own' and that increases company exit valuation
  • Content produced for Inbound Marketing can be used for sales enablement, ABM, and your other go-to-market strategies

A holistic Inbound Marketing Strategy would take into account these stages:

Inbound Marketing Strategy Funnel

Many B2B companies produce content, but they don't get the results that they're looking for because of inadequate foundational planning.

Watch the video here to understand how to start to organize your Inbound Marketing Strategy.

No worries, you can get the templates referred to in the video further down the page!


The video is largely focused on the Attract Stage of your Inbound Marketing Strategy, but the templates below will help you to organize the entire B2B buyer's journey as well as your other B2B marketing strategies such as Account Based Marketing.

Want the templates that were shown in the Video? Grab 'em here!

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