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B2B Growth Marketing

You wouldn't get your car repaired without having first diagnosed what's wrong. Is your website really any different?

  • January 9 2016
  • Galen Dow
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B2B website analytics have just undergone a revolution - by comparing your website traffic to big data sets, it's now possible to gain unprecedented visibility into your current web traffic.

Leveraging rich 3rd party data enables you to have visibility into your website traffic that is impossible to achieve otherwise. Gain insights into who your actual customers and prospects are. Report on progress in attracting the right traffic to your website well before you see an uptick in lead conversions. 

Here’s a simple report of website traffic of unconverted (or what would otherwise be anonymous) visitors:

B2B Website Analytics Demographic Insights.jpg

B2B Website Analytics Firmographics Profile.jpg

For B2B website analytics, having demographic information might be intriguing, but it may not create all that much value.

However, when you can get at more B2B Persona focused data, such as their Psychographics (are they a likely champion? ie. are they a ‘change agent’ personality?), Firmographics such as vertical or firm size and B2B related Demographics such as Title or role etc. you can do a few really incredible things!

b2b firmographic website analytics.jpg

If You'd Like to Be Able to Get Visitor Information Like This for Your Own Website, Download the Guide to Get Started:
 Establish Your Baseline Website Visitor Profile

You can establish baseline data for the volume of traffic by certain personas that are valuable to your business. If you have a long term website presence this will often be eye opening. Do you have website traffic that isn't representative of potential future customers and you need to reboot your attraction strategy?Have you been attracting the right audience all along but not converting into leads?  Who the heck are your customers really and what can you learn about your audience that is actionable to grow your business? How can you measure improvement a year from now if you are replacing or upgrading your site?

Monitor and Report Your Website Visitor 'graphics' Over Time

You now have the power to assess over time if your ToFu (Top of Funnel) strategies are moving the website visitor needle in the right direction. Are you attracting the right B2B champions and decision makers to your brand? Inbound Marketing can take time, and this can be an important factor in easing anxieties that you are making progress building the right traffic to your website.

Apply Actionable Insights to Accelerate Your Funnel

Having access to over 8,000 website visitor attributes enables you to find and reach your ideal potential customers no matter where they are on the web.

You can now Retarget visitors by Persona (as well as the more standard methods of retargeting based upon behavior on your website). This has a huge impact on retargeting conversion rates and the ROI and near term value of both retargeting and all of your website traffic.

It’s simple really. People respond to helpful content that is meant specifically for them. Your visitors are on devices that visit your site with an enormous amount of cookie data. Using a Programmatic tool, you can leverage affordable and immediately available 3rd party data to sort visitors for targeting and retargeting (CFO here, specific SMB owner there, HR Manager this other direction). After validation of data sets via retargeting you can turn the solution loose by unbounding the retargeting requirement and find and attract lookalike Personas from across the web.

Amplifying your content play by Retargeting and Targeting personas accelerates the yield from your website, improves the ROI of your Inbound B2B Content Marketing as well as ultimately enables you to accelerate your online visibility at global scale.

As a B2B CXO, or if you work for one, you really need to understand this stuff. If your boss is a CXO, then you can get the credit for bringing him or her the idea! 

Want to get started? Download our guide below.