The 5 Essential 'graphics' of a Complete B2B Buyer Persona

For Successful B2B Marketing, You Must Have Well Defined B2B Personas!

Quality Buyer Persona Development is a vital step toward building efficient and effective B2B marketing strategies, tactics and assets. But why buyer personas? If you don’t have agreement on and insights into who your best potential customers are, how can you organize your marketing?

We’ve seen a wide range of completed Personas and Persona Templates, from Personas used by the IT Majors down to templates offered by smaller agencies. Frankly, all of the ones that we’ve seen fall short in some key areas. That’s why we at AMPED have spent endless nights and wee hours researching, studying, thinking about and improving our Buyer Persona Workshop and associated processes and templates.

What is a Persona Anyway?

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What is a Realistic Inbound Marketing Timeline?

We get asked this a lot! We’ve found that it’s helpful to review what Inbound Marketing is so that people can not only really understand how long it takes to be successful with Inbound Marketing, but why it is definitely worth investing the time and resources into. We’ll also share some tips on how you can get the shortest Time to Value with your Inbound Marketing investment!

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What is Predictive Marketing?

And why as a B2B marketer should you care?

B2B marketing has changed significantly in the last few years, and these changes are accelerating. We are seeing a consolidation around integrated solutions such as the merger of Marketing Automation Platforms with CRM Solutions to produce Sales & Marketing Automation systems. Putting aside the question of whether or not Sales or Marketing is, or should be truly 'automated', the integration of Marketing and Sales systems provides us with a momentus opportunity.

You’ve probably read the statistic that 70% of the buyer’s journey is now online. (The source of this study, SiriusDecisions actually puts it at 67%). Inbound Marketing capitalizes on this change in behavior to ensure that your products and solutions are easy to find via search and that you provide a natural, self-serve learning curve to your prospective customers.

What is often overlooked is that as a result of this change in behavior and integration of technologies, is that much of the buyer’s journey is now measurable at a granular level.

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You wouldn't get your car repaired without having first diagnosed what's wrong. Is your website really any different?

B2B website analytics have just undergone a revolution - by comparing your website traffic to big data sets, it's now possible to gain unprecedented visibility into your current web traffic.

Leveraging rich 3rd party data enables you to have visibility into your website traffic that is impossible to achieve otherwise. Gain insights into who your actual customers and prospects are. Report on progress in attracting the right traffic to your website well before you see an uptick in lead conversions. 

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It’s That Time of Year...When My Thoughts Turn to Ice Fishing...And of Course, B2B Marketing!

When my thoughts naturally turn to winter sports; hockey & skating, snowshoeing, skiing and ….what ice fishing can tell us about B2B marketing!

Because I can’t stop thinking about B2B marketing.

Specifically, how many blog posts might it take to achieve your business goals?


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So…How Much is a B2B Blog Post Worth Anyway?

And why blog posts are like having a bank account that earns interest.

Picking up where It’s That Time of Year left off, we were discussing how to ballpark how many blog posts you might want to plan to produce to meet your business goals. As I was walking through this it occurred to me that we could go one step further and develop some valuation models for blog publishing.

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Why are ‘Links the Currency of the Internet’?

And why as a B2B marketer, you should take a minute and go back in time to one of the founding documents in search…

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The Language of B2B Marketing Has to Change

Data! Data! Data!

b2b marketing.jpg

You assemble a world class Pipeline Marketing stack. A great Marketing Automation Platform, a CRM and you layer a snazzy Analytics Layer across the top. You methodically tie in your Content Amplification strategies so that you are building insights about the relationships between your gozintas and your comezoutas. And now you are ready to be a lot smarter about your marketing investments!

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Is the Internet Full? Should you Embark on B2B Content Marketing?

I was in a meeting awhile back, and a service provider in the traditional on-page SEO business actually said this. “Content? Why produce more content? The Internet is already full of content!”

For real.

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One Thing I Hear Consistently Misrepresented about how HubSpot and Inbound Marketing Works

And I think it’s one of the most vital things to understand as you move forward with the platform.

Even with seasoned Inbound Marketing practitioners, I often hear ‘…and then someone converts on an offer and HubSpot drops a cookie on their computer’.


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