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The Right Way to Think About Sales Commission Structure

We had the good fortune to attend a Boston Enterprise Sales meetup featuring Tom Lavery, CEO & Founder at Jiminny. Tom grew Reward Gateway from no customers to over 1200 customers over 8 years. He has seen the good and the bad in building a great team and growing the business.  He candidly shared the challenges, the missteps and the successes along the way and boy was he full of great advice!

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What is a B2B Sales Lead?

This is the most foundational question that Marketing and Sales need to agree on if there is going to be harmony between the two groups.

Here's a clear answer that everyone can sign on to.

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B2B Content Amplification

With our depth of experience across over 100 companies using Inbound Marketing and HubSpot software, we can say that we are enormous fans of the technology and methodology behind HubSpot. If you want a steady stream of high quality leads, who are ready to talk to sales, at the lowest net cost per lead (CPL), it’s hard to beat this approach.

No single marketing approach however is perfect. We have heard from Inbound Marketing customers who want the advantages of Inbound Marketing but also have ‘time to market’ challenges. They can’t wait for the time that Inbound Marketing can take and they need results faster than content marketing can deliver. Other clients have available budgets that they’d like to invest in more rapidly scaling or accelerating their pipeline. Still others are concerned about being only focused on the search box and in particular LTKW (Long Tail Keywords) and feel, justifiably, that they are missing out on leveraging other channels to reach their key Personas.

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IP Targeting

IP targeting, a form of B2B advertising, can be layered with 3rd Party Data attributes such as Title or Role, so that you can be incredibly targeted in the content that you are Amplifying in order to maximize content engagement. Relevance drives Engagement. In other words, you can place micro campaigns in front of select devices within, etc. targeted @ CIO or VP Marketing titles or ‘HR’ roles or ‘Sales’ roles.

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Technographic Targeting

Technographic Targeting, or targeting the technology stack, is a brand new solution that AMPED Pipeline Marketing and our Technology Partners are rolling out. With Technographic Targeting, we leverage data produced by a data partner that surveys the world’s websites and inventories ‘what is running under the hood’. Our data partner surveys over 200 million domains and 3 billion targetable IP addresses to inventory their visible technology stacks.

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CRM Targeting

One of the challenges that people face when relying on strictly Inbound Marketing is that it can be resource intensive to produce high quality content. Nowhere is this more apparent than in producing your PCOs, (Premium Content Offers). whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, infographics etc. are all costly when done well.

As your Inbound Marketing engine gains steam, you definitely will get ROI with a well run Inbound Marketing program. In fact, most of the time you'll find that your Inbound Leads are your highest quality and lowest CPL (Cost Per Lead). However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't extract every ounce of value from the content that you produce. In fact, leveraging your content beyond stricly Inbound can produce a significant improvement in marketing ROI. Inbound Marketing also can take more time to produce value than some marketing initiatives can spare. 

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To Jargon or Not to Jargon?

How many of you have seen the occasional call to arms to "Stop the Jargon!". This is understandable. It's easy to feel slighted, excluded or otherwise bad when people around you are seemingly speaking a foreign language and you are sitting there getting all glassy eyed. We often get the question when we are talking branding, should we stick with B2B jargon, or heed the cry to speak in plain english?

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ABM - Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

What it is…

Some Useful Resources...

and Strategies to Get You Started!

Your company may have a need to target very specific accounts for your sales efforts. Maybe it’s a short list of 10 or so Enterprise Companies across a set of verticals. This is usually what people think of when they think of ABM (Account Based Marketing). In the past ABM was left to larger organizations with the resources to staff a manual, sales-driven process which is becoming more difficult every year. New technologies have changed all of this. ABM can now be efficiently and effectively executed by even the smallest organizations, and larger organizations can take advantage of these technology solutions ability to massively scale.

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HubSpot Free CRM vs. SaleForce CRM

First of all, I'd like to start with acknowledging that SalesForce is a great company and the SaleForce CRM is a great product. They were the first to evangelize SaaS, it's a fantastically comprehensive solution and they've embraced PaaS and have a rich ecosystem of applications that can solve any number of challenges.

All that being said, the companies that we support are not really 'Enterprise Class', they are what we call 'Enterprise to Be'. The challenge that we run into repeatedly is that many small to mid-market B2B companies have for a long time viewed SalesForce as the only easy to implement (cloud-based) solution for managing sales teams. Unfortunately, I often see this scenario happen. We've seen that SalesForce isn't necessarily the best small to mid-market CRM solution.

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Are You Among the World's Best B2B eMail Marketers?

I Recently Had a Chance to Attend a Great IBM Webinar on B2B eMail Best Practices

I consume content, and lots of it. Unfortunately, I feel that a fair amount of it is useless, or just flat out wrong. That's why it's such a pleasure when you get to experience a real, deep learning opportunity! This one is good enough that I wanted to share some of what I thought stood out. If you are interested in B2B eMail KPIs and Stats then this webinar is for you.

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